What Can Recording Studios Do For You?

What Can Recording Studios Do For You?

A professional studio with talented engineers will give your music the perfect sound, and the most professional sound possible, but it comes at a price. The saying that “you get exactly what you pay for” is true for so many things, including recording music in a studio.

You can’t expect your song to sound as clear and crisp as a release by a Drake or Adele whose tracks must have been produced at a recording studio staffed with experienced and knowledgeable professionals.  It would be a tragedy if you wind up working with a so-called “bedroom producer”.... who doesn't know the importance of setting up a good sound-treated room for recording live instruments, despite having all the necessary equipment.

With that said, here are 4 good reasons why you should use a  professional recording studio for your next hit.

Knowledge & Experience

Anyone who has ever tried their hand at recording will know that there is a lot more involved than just pointing a mic and pressing record. An experienced audio engineer knows the right mic to use, where to point it, and the external equipment that will sound best with it. This will save you tons of time (and money) getting it recorded the right way the first time.

Another reason is the expertise of its producer or engineer. This is because they have logged thousands of hours of recording in different styles of music. Their insight might be all you need to take your music to the next level.

Audio engineers have the required experience and knowledge to help you turn your sound into a polished, warm, and clean sound.  Having an extra set of ears listen to your music can take what used to be a bedroom recording into an actual hit song.


You can churn out lots of music from home, the resulting recordings are sometimes of inferior quality as compared to those made by a professional recording studio. Lack of live instruments makes it nearly impossible to get the type of clean and rich sound available at a recording studio.

Besides, most users of the digital audio workstation (DAW) lack the proper training and knowledge to get the most out of it, even with a tutorial. They also lack the necessary skills to edit, mix, and master a track the right way. If you are serious about making great music that is desirable to listeners, it is important to use a professional recording studio. After all, there is a reason studio engineers are well trained.

Professional studios spend lots of money into acquiring microphones, software, hardware and musical instruments. When it comes to creating that sound in your head successfully, having all these options at your disposal opens the door for more creativity.


Sound needs space to propagate and do its thing. There is a lot of science behind how waveforms interact and behave with each other. In an untreated space, this can cause frequency cancellation or augmentation, unwanted reflections, and likely issues in the low end.

Professional recording studios are acoustically treated and soundproofed in a way that helps to significantly reduce sound fluctuations. You will understand the importance of acoustic treatment if you have ever recorded yourself in the bedroom. Working in an acoustically treated room allows you to know that what you are hearing during playback is exactly what you should be hearing.

The high end is crisp, the mid-range is warm, and the bass response is tight. With a properly treated room and great gear, you will notice things you have never heard before in your performance.

Creative Freedom

Engineering and musical creativity use different parts of the brain. If you are the producer and engineer in your home studio, you likely wear all the hats, which impedes your ability to remain creative as well. When you go to a professional studio, you’re hiring pros to handle the technical aspects of your recording so that you can concentrate on musical creativity.

The pros of using a professional recording studio outweigh the cons and AudioDope is here to help you find a studio for your next hit. Join our marketplace and find studios nearby, or around the country for booking.

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