Featured Studio - FullyLoaded Studios

Featured Studio - FullyLoaded Studios

What is your name & where are you from?

I’m L.O.E CHINO and I'm from Atlanta, GA out of Zone 3.

How long you been working in music & what is your preferred genres?

I been working for about 5-6 years . I’m an artist first and Hip Hop is my preference choice of music.

Lounge Area at FullyLoaded Studios

What was your background growing up before music?

I had a good background growing up. It’s was all about morals, standards, originality, and authenticity.

FullyLoaded Studios - Jonesboro, GA

What are your services you offer?

I currently offer my good music to the world and outlets for artists producers and engineers to have time with here craft by being available to access studio time.

Favorite studio you've worked in?

HotBeats Studio

FullyLoaded Studios - Jonesboro, GA

Whats your typical day like in the studio?



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