Featured Creator - SL

Featured Creator - SL

What is your name & where are you from?

Robert (SL) Holcomb. Born and raised in Atlantic City, NJ and now residing in Atlanta, GA.

What made you get into music and what was your background prior to music?

I started out free styling with my friends back in the late 90’s and I just fell in love with the instruments and Melodie’s so I went to school for audio engineering at Institute of Audio Research. Initially going to be a producer, but feel in love with the engineering side of the music so I transitioned into that. I also have an extensive background in Cooking. 15+ years as a prep cook/Line cook. Cooking is the trade, music is the passion!!

How long you been working in music & what is your preferred genres?

I’ve been rapping for over 20 years, started out free styling to instrumental tapes(yes cassette tapes lol) and the main genres of music I’m involved in is Hip Hop, and R&B.

What are the services you offer for booking?

I offer engineering services( I’ll pull up to any studio you need me at). I offer mixing deals. If you can’t record at the studio I also offer to do pull up sessions in the condor of your own home, with studio quality equipment and that studio sound!!

Favorite studio you've worked at?

MTracks Studios, Loudhouse was a good starting point of my engineering career though!!

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